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Rhode Island Law Firm Helps Students Resolve Legal Issues

Highly recommended law firm assists students in Providence and Boston areas

At Lynch & Pine, with offices in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island, we use our experience and knowledge of the law to help students get their lives back on track. If you are a victim of harassment or gender discrimination, are being threatened with dismissal or have any other legal conflict with your school, we will be on your side.

Skilled lawyers advocate for students

If you are facing a legal problem at your school, you and your family may not know where to turn. You may feel like the deck is stacked against you because of your school’s extensive legal resources. We can help. One of our partners, Jeff Pine, is a former attorney general of Rhode Island, and our firm is highly experienced in handling even the most intimidating legal challenges, such as cases involving:

  • Gender discrimination — In almost every school in the United States, Title IX, a federal civil rights law, makes it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of gender. If you have been denied equal opportunity in school sports, housing, course offerings, financial aid or any other aspect of school life, you may be able to sue your school. We can help you pursue the opportunities that you are legally entitled to.
  • Sexual misconduct — We fight for the due process and civil rights of students accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX. Schools are often highly inconsistent in their rules and disciplinary standards. With Lynch & Pine, a former state attorney general is on your side to make sure you are treated fairly and in compliance with the law.
  • Dismissal — If you have been dismissed or threatened with dismissal from your school, you may be able to appeal your school’s decision. You are likely to have only one shot, and the outcome will affect the rest of your life. We can guide you in making the most effective appeal.

No matter the specific circumstances, we have the experience, knowledge and dedication to represent you in your case against your school.

Caring attorneys defend students charged with crimes

If you have been charged with a crime at school, or if you are a parent whose child has been charged, you need to get the right legal help immediately. We are experienced in defending students in both juvenile and adult court and will leave no stone unturned in our fight for the best outcome possible. Our criminal defense attorneys all have experience as prosecutors, and we help students facing all types of charges, including those involving drugs, alcohol, disorderly conduct and assault.

Contact an education law firm serving the Providence and Boston areas for a free consultation

Lynch & Pine helps students in all types of disputes with their schools, including discrimination claims. To schedule a free consultation at one of our Rhode Island offices, in Providence and Newport, call 401-648-7516 or contact us online.

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